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· Cla-Val 39 Series Anti-Slam Air Release and Vacuum Breaker Valves protect piping and equipment against water hammer, surge conditions and vacuum formation during filling or draining operations. Often installed adjacent to pumps or at high points in a pipeline, they perform the following four functions in potable water, raw water and sewage applications. Features and further details High Volume Air Discharge: During filling of the pipeline, air passes through the air valve at the same flow rate as water in the pipeline, the floats remain in the open position allowing air to pass freely through the valve. When water enters the valve the floats are buoyed and the valve closes. Anti Slam Air Discharge: During rapid filling, pump trip, rapid valve closure and other surge events. The valve will switch into anti slam mode. Switching from the larger orifice to a smaller anti slam orifice. The smaller orifice will restrict the rate at which air can escape the pipeline and as a result show the flowrate of water through the pipeline. Air passes around the lower float and small orifice float through the anti slam orifice to atmosphere. Pressurized Air Release: During normal operation, while the pipeline is fully charged, disentrained air will accumulate at many air valve locations. When the quantity of air is sufficient to displace the control float, the float will drop away from the small orifice (nozzle) and release the accumulated air. The control float will then buoy back into place and seal off the small orifice. Vacuum Break: During the draining, pump stoppage or pump trip, the floats will gravitate towards the baffle plate. Air will travel through the large orifice, past the floats and through the intake orifice into the pipeline.